• Learn Python The Hard Way

    Downloaded more than 500 thousand times, Learn Python The Hard Way is proving to be an effective and fun book for learning to code.

    If you've always wanted to learn programming but failed in the past, then this is your next book.

  • Learn Ruby The Hard Way

    All the original prose of "Learn Python The Hard Way" but with new source code that teaches you Ruby instead of Python. It's the same successful teaching style, same writings, but with a different language.

    If you've always wanted to learn Ruby, then start with this book which will get you ready for other more advanced Ruby books.

  • Learn C The Hard Way (ALPHA)

    The latest book in the series, and still a work in progress, will teach you C programming and is meant for people who have read one of the other two.

    This book is in development, feel free to follow along but be patient.

Take an online class by the author of Learn Python The Hard Way, Zed A. Shaw at Inculcate.Me.

Want To Write A LxTHW?

If you want to write a book for your favorite language then check out the Learn X The Hard Way project for a starter kit and guide to writing a book in the "Learn The Hard Way" style.

Need Help?

Anyone reading one of these books can email help@learncodethehardway.org and you'll get help from the author. Doing this helps keep the books awesome and helps you when you get stuck.

The LxTHW Philosophy

"Less Talk, More Code" summarizes the philosophy. By having students get code working first, and explaining it second, you cut down on much of the difficulty of explaining programming concepts to the uninitiated.

A LxTHW book simply has students do exercises, focuses on practice and rote repetition, and instills an attitude that to learn anything one must be prepared to work at it.


Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for writing Learn Python the Hard Way. I made it through the 42 exercises in 2 days (it was a fun weekend :)
Jen C.

Your book is the best programming book I’ve read.
John K.

Learn Python the Hard Way is awesome. Really, seriously awesome. Your book kicks ass in terms of truly building on concepts in an obvious and interesting way that teaches the user to learn how to learn.
Daniel P.

Learn Python The Hard Way

Get started Learning Python with this free book written for total beginners to programming.

Learn Ruby The Hard Way

Always wanted to learn Ruby? This is the same great free book but teaches Ruby for total beginners.

Learn C The Hard Way

A Work In Progress, this book will teach beginning C programming for anyone who can already code in Python, Ruby or similar language.

Learn [X] The Hard Way

Another Work In Progress that will teach you how to write your own "Learn The Hard Way" book for your language. It's an effective way to teach a new language, and this book teaches the teacher. Very meta.

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